The Seller will deal with the door-to-door sell of contracts or with private appointments with the managers and owners of the activities.

It must explain to the client the different packages and the distinctive features of the RD Click application, focusing on the benefits and opportunities it offers.

You must also follow the client when sending data and photographs, and provide assistance during the term of the contract.


Our sellers, women and men, must be of age, indipendents, with experience in sales and customer management, with fluent Spanish and English, basic use of excel and practicality with mobile applications.


Planning visits, first contact with the client, appointment request with manager / owner, illustration of the App and its functions, presentation of the different packages and sales proposal.

Possible collection of cash payment and deposit in a dedicated account.

Follow-up of ordinary customer requests and first level of support.

Compilation of monthly visits report with collection of potential customer data and analysis of the reference market.


A 30% commission is offered on contracts stipulated and subsequent renewals up to a maximum of two years for a single contract.

Commissions will be calculated monthly only on active contracts.

The commission amount is calculated on the prices displayed online gross of any additional discounts applied.

Payments will be in the middle and end of the month and will cover the commissions accrued in the relevant periods.

There are no fixed salaries or reimbursement of expenses.

Incentives program

Based on the number and type of contracts sold, monthly and quarterly premiums will be distributed.

Every 5 new contracts stipulated will be distributed bonuses equal to:

Sellers Code

Each vendor will have a promotional code of 20% discount on the subscription fees.

The codes are personal and, when a customer registers online by entering the code, the commission will be credited automatically to the Seller.

Our Products

Our packages are distinguished by the customers to whom they are addressed.

The Basic Package is ideal for those small and scattered businesses that do not need many words or images to describe themselves, but which aim above all to be reached by more customers. With the presence in our mobile App this will be easier thanks to the interactive map and the contacts entered.

Ideal for: Professionals, Artisans, Small Markets, Hairdressers, Beauty Salons

The Premium Package is ideal for medium to large businesses that want to stand out from the competition with ad hoc promotions on the categories of clients sought.

Ideal for: Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Clothing stores

The Gold Package gives the freedom to describe the activity almost without limits of words as well as to put more photos, all the functions of the App are active: you can issue discount vouchers and use the RDC Run Points project or, in the case there are more than an office related to the customer, you can add more points without additional costs.

Ideal for: Real Estate Agencies, Travel Agencies, Tours and Excursions, Chains of Bars and Restaurants, Transportation Services

Functioning of the App

For more information about the application, visit the FAQ page and consult the user manuals.

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