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Tourism in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic tourism captures the delights of both families traveling with children, and couples traveling alone together. For a family holiday, there is certainly plenty to do, and it’s very good value for your travel dollars. For couples, it is also a good value, but it is probably the most romantic holiday imaginable.

There is an incredible amount of information available about vacations and Dominican Republic tourism. Here’s a few insider tips from people who live here.

The Food

The food is good! Really, really good. The variety is not the same in a small town as it is in some of the bigger cities. Most of the dishes use the same basic ingredients. As a result, you find some rice, beans, a few veggies or a small salad, and meat on your plate. The meat could be fish or shellfish or chicken. The Habichuelas Guisadas, or Stewed Red Beans is a staple. Everyone’s recipe is a touch different, but they are all delicious! Mix some bean sauce with your rice and you will probably look for the recipe back home.

Italian food is everywhere, so pasta is on many menus. Hamburgers and fries are also common, although not considered a specialty. BBQ meat called parillas are also pretty common and absolutely fantastic! It seems like ice cream, and sometimes frozen yogourt, are on every corner.

Due to tourism, beach towns might have pricier options for food. Besides that, the prices are still pretty reasonable. Certainly, the atmosphere and views make it all worthwhile.

Santo Domingo

Many tourists specifically come to the Dominican Republic just to visit Santo Domingo. While it is is “oldest city in the new world” it is also the largest city in the Caribbean. First, be sure you visit the Malecon. An evening stroll on the seaside walkway takes you for almost half the length of the city. The good, solid pavement makes it easy to walk its length. There are attractions for children and food stalls along the way.

In Santo Domingo you can visit the refreshing parks in the city or go shopping in the big shopping centers.
Do not forget to visit the monuments of the Colonial Zona and breathe the history still present between the walls and the narrow streets of the old city


Cabarete is the place in the Domincan Republic for adventure sports. Kite surfing is so popular that when you go to the beach the horizon is full of kites. Ziplines and cave tours, mountain biking and wind surfing are all here! Cabarte seems like a teeming, one-street town with restaurants, cafes, shops and bars. It is rather like a combination of a small town in Central America and a beach town in Thailand. Charming, and worth seeing.

Be sure to see Santo Domingo when you come visit, and Cabarete is probably just as good a choice, too. We hope you enjoy the Dominican Republic, come visit soon!


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