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Dominican Republic Beaches

White sandy beaches going on endlessly to the horizon, with coconut palms reaching to the sky.  That’s the Dominican Republic. A thousand miles of sandy coastline hosts more than 200 beaches. Many Dominican Republic beaches are not busy or even developed.

Punta Cana has a world famous 30 mile long beach. Samaná has world class beaches like Playa Rincón. There’s even Dominican Republic beaches you can only reach by boat, which will take your breath away.

The beaches that face the Caribbean Sea are safe all year long.  The northern coastline of the Dominican Republic requires watching the weather conditions before you go swimming. Family day at the beach for local Dominicans is on Sunday, so there’s lots of music and delicious food.

As far as the eye can see, diamond bright white beaches delight in Punta Cana, while stunning Dominican beaches are all over the country.

Here are just a few Dominican Republic beaches that similarly entice tourists and locals alike.

Cayo Levantado Beach

Cayo  Leventado, or literally “Raised Key” in English, is a tiny island 3 miles from Samaná Bay. Just exactly as you would expect, the palm-fringed beaches with diamond white sand offers swimming, kayaking, and sunbathing.

Cayo Levantado

Bahia De Las Águilas

Bahia De Las Águilas, or “Eagle’s Bay” stretches 5 miles within the Jaragua National Park. Internationally recognized as the most beautiful of all Domincan Republic Beaches, with the diamond white sand and clear turquoise water.

The spectacular rocky landscape hugs along the length of the beach along the whole length of the coastline.

Bahia Las Aguias

Cayo Arena

Cayo Arena, or “Sand Key” is the place for schools of tropical fish easily seen in clear, shallow turquoise waters. Paradise for snorkelers, abundant marine life like sponges, and corals live with schools of tropical fish that swim around your feet.

La Playita

La Playita, or “Little, Friendly Beach” is off the beaten track near Las Galeras village. This lovely white sandy beach is shallow enough so you can walk out for quite a ways. A casual beachfront restaurant overlooking crystal clear waters, and a view of Playa Rincón makes for a delightful afternoon.

Isla Catalina

Isla Catalina, or “Catalina Island”, is the spot for water sports. Snorkeling and diving opportunities abound. Even though parts of the beach cater to cruise ship excursions, the whole beach stretch is open to the public.

Cabo Arena

This is a very small sampling of Dominican Republic beaches. There are actually beaches everywhere! Any time of year, beaches in the Dominican Republic draw tourists from around the world.

There is no wondering why. Come visit. It’s lovely here.


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