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Discovering and Exploring Nature in the Dominican Republic

Extraordinary nature in the Dominican Republic amazes guests from around the world. Beautiful, scenic national parks, the diamond white sandy beaches, and lots of recreation and sports make for unforgettable holidays.  It seems like there are beaches everywhere. Due to the Atlantic to the north side and on our south it’s the Caribbean, all surrounding the DR.

To Really Explore Nature

The diverse tropical landscape of the DR makes exploring nature rather… natural! One of the best routes for experiencing the true nature of the Dominican Republic goes around Samaná . Experience the pristine beaches, rolling hills, and captivating small towns.

Begin in Samaná

Dominicans say Samaná remains a best kept secret because it is an incredibly appealing area of the country. Traditional charm, with strong European influence, the Samaná Peninsula area is mostly still undeveloped and wild. The whole Samaná province has incredibly gorgeous scenery. Every tropical picture that ever made you wish your were there, can probably be found on this route. Coconut palms line the beaches. Tropical forests glow with shades of green so vibrant you wonder if the leaves are real. Bright villages along rough back roads give you a glimpse into the real culture of the Dominican Republic. Fishing outposts dotted along the coastline with vibrant local markets sell fresh fruit, vegetables and seafood.

Samaná town

Horseback Riding

A favorite adventure in Samaná is a horseback jungle trek to Salto El Limón (Lemon Waterfall). Salto El Limón cascades 170 feet into a spectacular swimming hole. You can walk the mile and a half path if you are in good shape, but… horseback! At the end, finally, your reward. Even more of a treat, a cool dip in a delightful swimming hole, under this incredibly majestic waterfall!

Rio Cano Frio – Playa Rincon

Explore Los Haitises National Park

Lonely Planet named the National Park a 2018 top travel destination. The protected areas of the Los Haitises are only accessible by boat. Then, enter the lush world of tropical vegetation, breathtaking cliffs and abundant seabirds. Over 110 birds species live in the coastal park rain forest and mangrove reserve. Mangroves are special trees with intricate roots that like these brackish waters.

Inlet caves make ideal hiding places. You probably won’t have any reason to hide, but it is easy enough to imagine French and English pirates there. They hid to ambush the Spanish ships carrying gold as they left Santa Domingo. The caves became treasure troves, which is why this was where the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed on location.

Las Terrenas

Las Terrenas has become one of the most touristic towns in Samanà. This small but charming fishing village has evolved in a spectacular way becoming a tourist reference with european airs.

Las Terrenas

Near the town Las Terrenas you can find other exciting and beautiful beaches where you can practice windsurfing and other water sports and you can take it as a start to visit the peninsula of samanà.

Inside the town you will find countless hotels and residences, restaurants and typical shops of the area, where you can buy the typical souvenir or find true relics of the Dominican culture.

Salto El Limon

There are certainly hundreds of other adventures to explore nature in the Dominican Republic. You’ve seen the pictures. It’s even nicer here.


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