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An Epic Dominican Republic Holiday

Many visitors in the Dominican Republic only stay in Punta Cana. It seems like this incredible beachfront experience is enough for many. It certainly is an ideal Dominican Republic destination to just relax and soak in the sun.

For those who would rather a wilder, more adventurous and absolutely epic Dominican Republic holiday, here’s some tips.


For more undeveloped territory, cultural excursions and adventure tours the Southwest is better. Santo Domingo’s colonial vibe and hip restaurants fade as you move into bustling tiny villages.

Local residents stand on the street corners selling their wares. Fresh fish, fruit juices, and ice cream. Coffee, and plantain plantations line the roadways between the villages.

Soon you catch a glimpse of the peak of Pico Duarte, towering from above at 10,164 feet.  Then the jungle envelopes the car.

Budget Luxury Dominican Republic Holiday

At what are typical US hotel rates for a 3 star hotel, you can get yourself a 5 star luxury stay for your Dominican Republic holiday. Treat yourself to infinity pools, sumptuous spa services, hot tubs, and rain showers with a stunning view of the Caribbean. Even more amenities are included like FREE:

  • WiFi
  • On-site ziplines
  • Horseback riding
  • Bike rentals
  • Snorkel equipment
  • And Breakfast

Above all, the exceptionally warm hospitality feels like home, every minute.

Rainy Nights and Colorful Sunrises

Sit on your patio under the grass roof as you sip tropical fruit juice, while looking into the jungle. The sudden downpour is like a soothing background soundtrack. Droplets bounce from mango leaves, while you are left feeling a little hypnotized by tropical sights and sounds.

Rainy nights set the stage for colorful sunrises. While early mornings at home are no fun, on holiday in the Dominican Republic you easily arise to watch sunrises. Bright orange and neon yellow call from the sky to show off their brilliance.


An epic Dominican Republic holiday is whatever combination of city, jungle and beaches you like best.  Because, here in the Dominican Republic, we have it all. Come join us. It’s lovely here.


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