With RD Click you will have the opportunity to promote your business through the mobile application, our social networks and direct contact with our users thanks to the RDC Run Points project and the possibility of issuing discount coupons.

You can choose your Base plan to visualize your information in the RD Click App and you can add our promotions on Instagram and Facebook with the Premium plan.

The Gold plan gives you the freedom to describe your activity almost without words (remember not to be too prolific) as well as to put more photos, ideal for bars and restaurants, you can also issue discount coupons and use the RDC Run Points project or, in the case that you have more than one office, you can add them without cost attached.

The promotions included in the Premium and Gold plans will be made on a monthly basis.

The coupons will only be available to the users of RD CLICK, RD CLICK is committed to promoting the coupons themselves through the social channels.

The RDC Run Points project allows a customer flow related to the prizes available to the users of the App.

Our packages, customized to the different needs: