Six-monthly package Gold

$250.00 every 6 months

Logo Yes
Contacts Yes
Map Yes
Description (letters) 5000
Photo 10
Social Network Yes
Coupons Yes
RDC Run Points Yes
Multipoint Yes

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With RD Click you will have the opportunity to promote your business through the mobile application and online, our social networks of Instagram and Facebook and direct contact with our users thanks to the RDC Run Point and the possibility of issuing discount coupons.

The Gold Package gives you the freedom to describe your business almost without limits of words (but remember not to be too verbose) as well as to put more photos, you can also issue discount coupons and use the RDC Run Points project or, for when you have more than one office, you can add more points at no extra cost.

Ideal for: Real Estate Agencies, Travel Agencies, Tours and Excursions, Chains of Bars and Restaurants, Transportation Services

Subscribe to the six-monthly package Gold and enjoy the 30% discount.



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