FAQs Sellers and Promoters

RD Click is an interactive and free App.

To know the beauties and monuments of the Dominican Republic and look for activities and services.

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Yes, the Promoter focuses on the promotion of online subscriptions and is paid according to the number of contracts activated, while the Seller has a more personal approach with customers, working door to door, and has a percentage of the value of contracts activated.

No, the codes are distributed free of charge, as part of the sales tools.

To promote the brand and to bring new customers.

Enter the pages dedicated to Sellers and Promoters to see the different functions in detail.

As a seller, you have a percentage of the value of the contracts activated, as a promoter you win according to the number of contracts activated.

Enter the pages dedicated to sellers and promoters to see the different functions in detail.

These are independent contracts.

Rapid meetings will be necessary only for vendors to distribute the necessary material.

Otherwise everything is done online.

In the case of the seller you can select the type of contract in https://rdclick.fun, enter your code and customer data and select Cash Payment, otherwise you have to collect the data and send it to RD Click by email.

In the case of promoters, customers will upload their data, adding the discount code that identifies the Promoter.

Once RD Click receives the client's data and the payment of the stipulated contract, in 24 hours it will be visible in the application.

Accordion Sample DescriptionBy deposit or bank transfer, or Caribe Express if you do not have a bank account.

In the middle and end of the month.

The client, once subscribed the corresponding contract, will only have to expose a label of 3x5 inches.

The customer must send us all the details of the coupon (number, discounts, duration, image and description) by mail and we will call you to confirm the details.

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