FAQs – RDC Run Points

RDC Run Points is a system that allows you to earn gadgets and discounts.

Search in RD Click the participating stores and register the exposed QR code.

You can find the indication of participating stores in the descriptions of the contents of the application or by looking for the exposed codes.

Select RDC Run Points in the main menu of the application, in RDC Run Points in the lower part you will find the button "SCAN QR CODE"

The QR Code is a two-dimensional bar code that contains a specific link.

Depends on the current promotion, follow us on our social network for more information.

It is possible to register once for each visit.

In this case contact us to find out the problem. You can take a picture of the code and send it by mail in order to validate the point.

During the parties and events sponsored by RD Click. Follow our social network for more information.

The accumulated points will activate the Club Card, which will entitle you to discounts and special offers at events sponsored by RD Click